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21 Jan 2013


Tooltips have come in for severe criticism from some users. Primarily because they obscure the grid and can make entering numbers difficult. If the tooltips on the grid bother you, you can now switch them off by going to the Preferences Tab and clicking Disable ToolTips

Mobile Version

A mobile version developed for Android smartphones is currently under development. A beta version with limited features is available in the Google Play Store. Feeback from users on the android version is welcome. If you are interested in reviewing the application please send an email containing a contact email address to and we will get back to you.
More information on the android version is available here

01 Mar 2015

Check Button

The functionality of the "Check Unique" button has been integrated into the standard "Check", the "Check Unique" button has been removed.

Input format on 9 by 9 puzzles

For 9 by 9 Sudoku Puzzles, the input format has been changed to accept numbers only. This is intended to simplify number entry on mobile devices