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How to use

This solver offers a number of features to help you improve your solving skills and practice solving strategies. First enter the numbers of the sudoku directly in the grid or enter them via the "Load" and "Seed" buttons. You can then completely solve the puzzle or use the appropriate buttons to check the validity of the puzzle, get tips for step by step solving and much more. See the button descriptions below for more information.

This is what the buttons do:

  • Hint: Get a hint.
  • Show Candidates: Display candidate values for empty cells
  • Hide Candidates: Hides candidate values in empty cells
  • Solve:Solves the Sudoku puzzle completely
  • Solve Cell: Solves a single cell. Click in the cell you want to solve first, then click this button
  • Check: Checks if the Sudoku puzzle is valid and can be solved
  • Check Uniqueness: Checks if the Sudoku has a unique solution
  • Rate Difficulty: Displays a difficulty rating of the Sudoku
  • Print: Opens a new window from which the Sudoku can be printed
  • Clear: Clears the puzzle
  • Save: Generates a file containing the current values in the Sudoku grid for downloading
  • Load: Uploads a saved Sudoku into the grid
  • Random Sudoku: Seeds the grid with a random Sudoku
  • Editing Candidates:
    First display the candidates by clicking on the "Show Candidates" button
    Delete candidate Click on the candidate and it will disappear
    Undelete candidate   Click on the position where the candidate is normally displayed and it will reappear
    Entering a value Double click in the cell and type in the number

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