Why Zoodoku?
Zoodoku is intended to illustrate the most basic principles of Sudoku to small children. The numbers have been replaced by animals to pique children‘s interest in the game.


How do I use Zoodoku?
Just let the child/children drag the animals from the sides of the board and drop them into the appropriate cells. If the animal is not allowed in the targeted cell because of a violation of the Sudoku rules, then the animal will automatically be sent back to its starting point. In addition, a beep will sound and all conflicting cells will be highlighted. The highlighting will be erased when the next move is attempted. Animals, which have been placed on the board, can be moved to other allowable cells or returned to their respective homes by clicking them and dropping them outside of the board. A message will appear when the board has been completely filled.


Last but not Least.
A vital part of this game is the participation of an adult, who should patiently and thoroughly explain rules of Sudoku and use Zoodoku as a tool to enhance and bolster his or her explanations. Don‘t forget that ideas, which are obvious to adults, like the meaning of rows and columns, may be completely novel to the young, burgeoning Sudoku player.


Have fun, from
The Zoodoku Animals