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Currently a new version of the solver is being phased in. The principal reason for the new version is to make the solver more maintainable so that existing features can be improved and new features can be provided. The response to the new version from quite a few users has been negative. The purpose of this poll is to find out what the issues are so that they can be addressed.

Please take a few minutes to take the poll below so that the problems can be identified and resolved.
Below is a list of commonly reported problems. Please click on those which you experience. You can select as many as you like.


Solver is slow
Solver does not work at all
Solver is unstable, freezes up
Solver has become too complicated / confusing
Page layout is poor
Adverts are too intrusive / annoying
Candidate editing is too awkward
Hints are not provided or are incorrect

If you have any further suggestions or if there is anything you don't like. Please specify here: